Sunday, December 13, 2009

Chocolate Giveaway!!!

My daughter at The Style Sisters is hosting a
Chocolate Giveaway for me.

Stop on by her blog and leave a comment to enter into the giveaway!!!
To win either some of my Belgian Chocolate Turtles
1/2 pound gift box.

1/4 pound of these amazing Belgian Chocolate Nut Discs in a Cello bag tied with a beautiful Christmas ribbon perfect for gift giving.

Good Luck to all who enter the giveaway!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Eat Lotsa Chocolate

My love for chocolate began about 30 years ago. I was living in Newport Beach, CA but thought I was going to live in Brazil, so I traveled there to check things out. While there I found that chocolate in any country is fabulous and I determined that I would like to learn how to make simply delicious chocolate morsels. And so I did! (Never did move to Brazil)

To make this very long story somewhat shorter.......
After much research and many classes I started a business in California called
Jonathan's of Newport
My specialty was truffles and turtles and an assortment of many other types of candy. I also imported marvelous chocolates from Belgium. I supplied many of the finer dept stores, Neiman Marcus, Nordstroms, Sacks Fifth Avenue, to name a few and many of the major hotels, Marriotts, Hiltons, Ritz Carltons, etc. It was and is a "sweet business". Changes in my life brought about many moves and new options.

Now many years later I am starting up a smaller version of Jonathan's
....."Continental Chocolatier"

In the southern part of Utah the environmentalists determined that the Desert Tortoise was becoming extinct and needed protection so they built a very expensive fence, miles long, to keep the little tortoises from crossing the road. So we have included a wee short, fun story in each box of the Desert Tortoises as follows.

The Desert Tortoise

(Gopherus Agassizii)

A hard shelled reptilian creature that the Federal Government and Washington County spent a bazillion dollars to build a fence (a very short fence) to keep the little beasties from crossing the East Red Hills Parkway and presumably overrunning St. George.

Continental Chocolatier's

Desert Tortoise

(Chocolatus deliciousus)

Continental Chocolatier's Desert Turtles are an exquisite blend of lightly salted, oven roasted nuts with just the right amount of the most heavenly creamy caramel covered in a decadent Belgian or French chocolate.

What to do when you encounter either of the above. The first group, you protect them and do not harm them in any way as they are heading toward extinction. The second group, you grab them up and eat them with great joy. Go ahead eat lots of them, they are reproduced hundreds of times every day.