Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tablescape Thursday

I love this gorgeous blue with the sea shells. It helps me think about summer even though there is still snow on the ground. My darling daughter Karin at The Style Sisters gave me these blue dishes that she bought at Walmart! These authentic sea shells are filled with delicious
Belgian CHOCOLATES. If you would like to see more Sea Shells filled with other chocolates please go to my Website (It is under construction) Here is my footed glass compote dish filled with apporx. 30 Petite Tortoises.
In this picture you can also see the Sea Fruits (chocolate sea shells) nestled on the left side of the compote dish that I also sell.

I am participating in Between Naps on the Porch Tablescape Thursday This is my first Tablescape!

Thursday, February 18, 2010




Is there anything better?



But wait................I can help!

delightful CHOCOLATE Petite Desert Tortoise

bulk (approximately 30 pieces per pound)

These tiny Desert Tortoise are made from delectable, European CHOCOLATE and HEAVENLY CREAMY CARAMEL that does not stick to your teeth but melts in your mouth.

One pound could sustain life, deliciously, for several hours or perhaps one entire day.

To order you can e-mail us at

Perfect little TREATLETS because they are just bite size and you can eat dozens of them without feeling any guilt. "I do it all the time and there really is no guilt."

Other packaging options

8 Petite Desert Tortoise in cello bag tied with rafia $5.95

8 Petite Desert Tortoise Packaged in

Terracotta Linen Gift Box $6.95


24 Petite Desert Tortoise Packaged in

Large Terracotta Linen Gift Box $17.95


Keep watching for our giveaway -
It could be you

Friday, February 12, 2010

What's Chocolate?

What's Chocolate you say?

Well most people would answer, it is a candy, or

for the academics, they would say, "It is a confection made by grinding up

cocoa beans and mixing them with various other ingredients." Toddlers
moms would say "It is something their children wear on their mouths and shirts."
I would have said some time ago it is a substance when eaten imparts great
bursts of energy thereby allowing me to do hard work" (yea - right!)

Chocolate is of course

all of those things and more, but what it really is, is a state of mind. Chocolate can soothe rattled nerves, can allow the mother of the toddler a moment of blissful self indulgence and give her the strength to again face her world of chaos and dirty clothes. So, Guys, when you hear a woman say "I need chocolate!!!"

trust me, they do.