Friday, February 12, 2010

What's Chocolate?

What's Chocolate you say?

Well most people would answer, it is a candy, or

for the academics, they would say, "It is a confection made by grinding up

cocoa beans and mixing them with various other ingredients." Toddlers
moms would say "It is something their children wear on their mouths and shirts."
I would have said some time ago it is a substance when eaten imparts great
bursts of energy thereby allowing me to do hard work" (yea - right!)

Chocolate is of course

all of those things and more, but what it really is, is a state of mind. Chocolate can soothe rattled nerves, can allow the mother of the toddler a moment of blissful self indulgence and give her the strength to again face her world of chaos and dirty clothes. So, Guys, when you hear a woman say "I need chocolate!!!"

trust me, they do.

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