Thursday, May 6, 2010

Hands dripping in chocolate and Lost Phone

No time to take pics this week, lots of orders to fill and much to do, but thought I would share a little humor with you.

Do any of you ever lose something? As the years go by it seems to happen to me all too often. Yesterday was the ultimate challenge. Our chocolate factory is in a building behind our house which most times is very convenient because it allows me to to do what we women do best and that is multi-tasking. I was in the middle of working with a new tempering machine and it was giving me fits when my husband arrived home in the middle of the day with either the flu or food poisoning or perhaps maybe just eating too much of a good thing. Anyhow he went to bed.

After a short time after his arrival I thought perhaps I should check on him but in the meantime his boss called and asked if he might talk with him if he were able. Men do commiserate with one another. I left the chocolate shop to give him the message and check on him and found him sound (really sound and making sounds) asleep. I started back to the chocolate factory and realized I didn't have the phone with me so back I went to find the missing instrument. I searched the entire house but it was no where to be found. Back to the chocolate shop to search for the silly thing. After looking in every nook and corner and even in the bowls of chocolate I was certain an alien had entered the building while I was away and stole my phone.

But then, being the wise woman that I am, a thought came to me. Call the missing phone from the company phone. I was in the office at the time (a very small office that needs a little TLC) when I heard the phone ring. It sounded as if it were behind me, I turned and looked for it but no phone, and then when it rang again it was behind me, again. Each time it rang it came from behind. How could this be, it was ringing so it had to be in the office somewhere but never could I find from whence the ringing came. I was literally moving from one end of the office to the other. This little dance I was doing continued for some time until the answer phone came on. So, I dialed me up again and again it rang from behind me and so the dance continued.

The Lord watches over fools and idiots. The realization finally hit. When I am working in the yard, the house or the chocolate factory I clip the phone on my back pocket because of the many phone calls that come in from those in need. You Got it! It was right there all the time. So now it all made sense; of course when it rang it would be behind me, and each time I turned around to find it, it continued to ring behind me. You might say I have a numb behind, didn't feel a thing. Too bad someone wasn't taking pics for the show "Funniest Home Movies".

Now don't you feel good about yourselves knowing you have it all together and that there are some really challenged women out there living and breathing and convincing the world that they are all right. Most days go much better for me, how about you? It's good to laugh at oneself. I laugh a lot!!


Brooke said...

That is hilarious! Thanks for the laugh! Hope Carl gets feeling better!

Nancy said...

How funny! I would do that! Hope your hubby is better. How cool that your factory is behind your house! I'd love to have my business and home in one place!