Tuesday, June 8, 2010


My darling daughters and myself at my grandson's wedding last July.Two of my beautiful granddaughters
One of the Stylesisters and her daughter

Happy faces at the wedding.

Here we are again.

The crazy girls that I love to pieces

One of my daughters at The Style Sisters sent me something that I think is very worthwhile.
It is a blog that talks about how we see ourselves and how we can encourage our daughters to see their beauty within project: It is........project: In My Daughter's Eyes
Do check it out, it is inspiring.

I think sometimes we get so caught up with the things of the world that we forget that we truly are daughters of God and that we are made in his image. He must love us more than we can imagine and if in fact we are his daughters we must be pretty remarkable. I love the old statement, "The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world." We have a great responsibility to encourage one another, to lift the weak and strengthen the weary. We are capable of great things and we need to look in the mirror with a different attitude. We need to love ourselves first and then we can love and help others. We can never be perfect in this world but we are all working to perfection and that can only come with the help of the Lord.

I have just been released from a calling (a position in our church) which was Relief Society President. As the president I was responsible for serving the women in our ward and our community. To be there when they were hurting, or needed food, or encouragement or whatever our Bishop felt they were in need of. I did not have to do it all myself. I had two councilors, a Secretary and many others such as, a Humanitarian leader, a Compassionate Service leader, an Activity Leader and many, many other women who lightened my load. I must tell you that it was three of the most difficult and glorious years of my life. Serving the Lord is what this life is all about. I have counseled with women who really struggle with their identity, who wonder how they will ever face another day with a difficult spouse, a wayward child, and sometimes loss of income and some who did not like themselves very much. I would always tell them, "Be the Best that you can be." Loving them was easy and I have seen some wonderful changes in their lives because they finally realized that they were special and had something good to offer to others. We shared our talents and had fun and exciting activities. We cooked, we sewed, we exercised, we read the scriptures, we served each other and our community, we worked together.

Women of the Blogging World......We can make a difference. I am grateful for all you wonderful bloggers that continue to offer good advice, encourage me to continue with my projects that make my home more lovely, push forward in my business and quite often bring a tear to my eye, a smile to my face and lots of laughter.
You are the best!!!!!

Do take a peek: http://www.pimde.com/2010/06/style-sisters.html?showComment=1275543673683_AIe9_BFPoyC9HIdDqsk9Q5crf9nMkD-jzEB8B-UuKaZzP__uG2dgLUdOt1Ab3rGDfIsNWYHqpaov9379B3LSmWkKlKyF8B_tnUg4S_lytGlLknFJx_YOxYtqwyBskxHs844AMG6NyZOUYDdlYtELiZr_Jx18Ll6QqdHodHtfU_Dq7403Zo1wnUHjbkYPRua9wWIiRxhzxkQVBKvI3gINtnBT8OFUn5DaSw#c8142466268606847053


The Childrens Nest said...

Love this post my cutest mom! Are you loving your "easy kick back life" now?? He he he!! I love you to pieces!!

Style Sisters said...

Wow mom this was awesome..we can make a difference in the world! Think how different life would be if everyone loved themselves and knew who they really were...a person of divine heritage. I love that!! Love you tons my beautiful mom. :)

nannykim said...

Great pictures and good advice. Life surely is precious and walking with the Lord can be exciting!